Nextech's 5X growth goal calls for improved operational efficiency

Nextech is a rapidly growing company with plans to expand operations by 5X over the next five years. As a private-equity-backed company, they are driven to achieve ambitious targets and maintain excellent customer service, a core value of theirs.

However, to hit their targets, Nextech recognized that they needed to overhaul their business operations and adopt new technologies to improve operational efficiency. To achieve these objectives, Nextech’s leadership and investment team sought consulting services from a trusted partner with expertise in Robotic Process Automation (RPA). They chose R-Path. In this case study, you'll review selected projects from three areas of Nextech business.

Results include:

  • Automation processed 16,000 invoices in 4 months
  • The accounts payable team saves over 200 hours saved each month
  • Human Resources created an automated employee satisfaction loop
  • Customer service is elevated with automated real-time updates of technician, work order, and service status

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