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You might be wondering…

  • Is my business too small for RPA?

    The potential for automation in your business is based less on your company size and more on the kinds of work your team completes. If your team’s responsibilities are based on digital information found in spreadsheets, emails, databases, etc., then it’s very likely there’s an opportunity for automation. We can help you determine the potential of that opportunity and will recommend you either take a DIY approach or partner with a professional services partner like R-Path Automation.

  • How much work can my organization automate?

    It really depends on the volume and frequency of digital work that your team is responsible for. For example, if one member of your team spends 20 minutes of their time each week transposing sales orders to the inventory management system, automation – at least from a professional services partner – may not make sense. If, however, there a team of people that spend 20 minutes each day conducting the same task, it’s very likely that automation could save your organization significant time and provide bandwidth for other important work. If you’re unsure about the automation opportunities in your business, please consider reaching out; we’ll be happy to share our experiences with you.

  • Which industries does RPA work best for?

    In our experience, there’s potential for automation in almost every industry so long as there’s a sufficient volume of digital work. Like computer software or mobile apps before it, RPA is truly industry- and department-agnostic; its effectiveness is based solely on its intelligent application to business problems. Once you see how RPA provides the equivalent of a custom software solution for your business’s specific tasks and processes, you will quickly realize its universal applicability.


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