We were our own first customer.

R-Path Automation’s story begins in the operations of a small telecommunications research firm. The research required significant manual effort that was both error-prone and tedious. While team members enjoyed the company’s culture, they were less than enthused by the repetitive nature of the work and the lack of opportunity to engage more meaningful projects. Leadership did its best to address the team’s concerns, but at the end of the day, the foundational research did not change.

Then, one day, the bottom dropped out. We lost a major customer.

Faced with a tough situation, we aggressively explored ideas for rethinking our data collection and change identification processes, but like many small businesses, we had limited resources to invest in creating entirely new systems from scratch. Fortunately, we discovered the concept of RPA (aka Robotic Process Automation).

We threw ourselves into learning more about RPA and its potential. While the concepts made sense, the available solutions were overwhelmingly focused on the enterprise space. Feeling strongly that there was potential for a company our size too, we invited our entire team on a journey to rethink how we engaged our daily operations by leveraging RPA. We spent a year or more testing ideas, making and learning from mistakes, and ultimately building automation solutions that saved nearly 10,000 hours of manual effort! Perhaps more interesting, however, is that our employee satisfaction scores reached new heights too.

We soon realized that if a niche market research firm can reap such benefits from RPA, there are undoubtedly other companies that can – and should – as well. All they need is a guide to help them understand and navigate the challenges of RPA. So, the team that drove success for the research company became R-Path Automation.

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